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Adobe Lodge XLI

We are a Traditional Observance Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Arizona located in Tucson. We regularly meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Blue room of the Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 160 South Scott Ave., downtown Tucson, Arizona. Our business meetings being held […]

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cryptic globes

The Cryptic Globes

By Bro. Sean D. Litsky This paper looks at the esoteric meaning behind our Fraternity’s globes. Despite what we often hear, our globes do not serve a superfluous purpose; rather, they have the ability to teach us very special lessons other than those explicitly given…

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beresyt 250x250


Bereʾšyt, or its English translation “In [the] beginning”, is a phrase every Freemason is, or should be, familiar with. He hears it as he is about to be brought from darkness for the first time in a Masonic Lodge. It is the first word in…

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Quantum Cards

A very short introduction to Quantum Entanglement that is easily understood and demonstrated by using a simple deck of cards. Try it, you’ll like it.

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