Masonic Funerals

WBro. Ronald W. Richards, PM Bro. Robert G. Kille

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Degree & Ritual

Bro. Robert J. Blazewicz, Chairman and director of The Work. WBro. Jean-Claude Malterre, Ritual Expert

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MWBro. Rex R. Hutchens, PGM, Chairman

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Special Events

Bro. Sean D. Litsky, ChairmanWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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Bro. Joaquin A. Munoz, Chairman

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Education Academy

MWBro. Rex R. Hutchens, PGM, Chairman

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Grand Lodge Awards

Bro. Rod Wagoner, Chairman

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June 2012 Teven

From The Tylor The subject of membership in Masonry is like an open- wound refractory to any treatment. I am not a Doctor but I will play one in this article. We claim that Masonry came to us…

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Three Pillars Of A Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Ritual’s authors chose words and ideas contained within purposefully. When the three words, Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty come together

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May 2012 Teven

FROM WHENCE WE CAME Morton Lodge #72 & the Gillespie Monument As the installed Tyler of Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge…

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April 2012 Teven

From The South The ascent up the winding stairs toward a place representing the Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple is the is the outstanding ceremony of the…

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March 2012 Teven

From The South We often hear a Masonic speaker make a statement that Masonry is not a Secret Society, with an emphasis on “not”. Occasionally we hear one say that Masonry is…

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Worshipful Master

WBro. Ronald W. Richards, PM

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Bro. John B. Ovitz

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