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Teven November 2016

To breath with intent, to let loose that which answers the passions of our Brotherhood is the new Teven, a Teven likened onto the blunt end of Mjölnir. (Thor’s Hammer)

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Neither Barefoot Nor Shod

In the first degree perhaps one reason we are neither barefoot nor shod is because in approaching the divine and esoteric secrets of freemasonry we are seeking to obtain knowledge which is beyond mere words, a gnosis of the divine…

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New Sir Knights

Seven Adobe Lodge members became Sir Knights last Saturday. Congratulations!

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2014 Bylaws

The new Bylaws for Adobe Lodge 41 have finally been approved. The PDF file is attached to this post.

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Astronomy And Masonry

The special presentation by WB Larry Behers was well attended. Of note, was his take on the use of the mathematical square root used in astronomy and how in his opinion it correlates with masons meeting on the square. Brilliant discussion on that point…

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September 2013 Teven

The September Teven PDF is available now.

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Past Masters Lunch April 2000

We recently had another past Masters of Adobe Lodge 41 get together at Old Pueblo Grill. A couple of photos from another get together in April of 2000 were given me to post. So, here they are.

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Adobe Lodge XLI

We are a Traditional Observance Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Arizona located in Tucson. We regularly meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Blue room of the Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 160 South Scott Ave., downtown Tucson, Arizona. Our business meetings being held […]

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cryptic globes

The Cryptic Globes

By Bro. Sean D. Litsky This paper looks at the esoteric meaning behind our Fraternity’s globes. Despite what we often hear, our globes do not serve a superfluous purpose; rather, they have the ability to teach us very special lessons other than those explicitly given…

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The Three Lessor Lights

An understanding of the three lesser lights of Freemasonry does not come quickly or easily to the seeker. It also is impossible if not unwise to attempt to […]

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beresyt 250x250


Bereʾšyt, or its English translation “In [the] beginning”, is a phrase every Freemason is, or should be, familiar with. He hears it as he is about to be brought from darkness for the first time in a Masonic Lodge. It is the first word in…

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Bro. Joaquin A. Munoz, Chairman

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Education Academy

MWBro. Rex R. Hutchens, PGM, Chairman

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Three Pillars Of A Masonic Lodge

The Masonic Ritual’s authors chose words and ideas contained within purposefully. When the three words, Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty come together

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April 2012 Teven

From The South The ascent up the winding stairs toward a place representing the Middle Chamber of King Solomon’s Temple is the is the outstanding ceremony of the…

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