Adobe Lodge #41 – F & AM Of Tucson, Arizona

We are a Traditional Observance Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Arizona. We regularly meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Blue room of the Scottish Rite Cathedral located at 160 South Scott Ave., downtown Tucson, Arizona. Our business meetings being held the first Tuesday of Each month.

What is a Traditional Observance Lodge?

The following is borrowed from the Masonic Restoration Foundation website at :

Traditional Observance Freemasonry(TM) is a unique North American approach, consisting of the best-practices in areas of philosophical discipline and successful management, practiced in Traditional Observance Lodges(TM).

Each Traditional Observance (TO) lodge is governed by the rules and regulations of its respective Grand Lodge, from which it receives its charter. TO lodges follow the established ritual of their Grand Lodge, with some ceremonial additions, so far as they may be allowed by their Grand Lodge. TO lodges begin with the North American Masonic lodge model and enrich it with traditional initiatic elements practiced in Continental European and Latin American Freemasonry.

Chamber Of Reflection

Traditional Observance Freemasonry is not a Masonic Rite, but rather a best-practices model. In many ways, TO masonry is a response to some of the negative trends experienced in North American Freemasonry in recent years, aimed at reversing those trends and restoring the strength and dignity of the American Craft.

Traditional Observance Masonry is characterized by a solemn approach to holding stated communications and conferring degrees, the use of the Chamber of Reflection as part of the initiation ceremony and demanding candidate advancement requirements.

TO lodges maintain their high standards through certification and by working within guidelines recommended by the Masonic Restoration Foundation, within the context of their respective Grand Lodge regulations.