What Is Freemasonry?

The genius of Franklin was so overwhelming, and manifested in so many different directions, that no short paper can even list his achievements; the American Philosophical Society requires twenty large book pages merely to catalog his inventions, discoveries, accomplishments and the events in which he was intimately concerned.

Printer, author, editor, inventor, scientist, diplomat; founder of schools, postal systems, government; ambassador, wit, speaker; philosopher, politician and Freemason, he was not only the amazing intellect, the Voltaire of Colonial America, but one of the most complex and gifted men of all times.

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One Response to “What Is Freemasonry?”

  1. Brothers,

    I found this to be an exceptional introduction video to the Craft. Congratulations on all your hard work to return to reverence back to our ancient Fraternity. I hope TO lodges will soon be the norm.

    Bro. Johnny Law
    San Francisco, CA